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Custom DNA Sequencing
Genotyping Microsatellites


Genotyping of microsatellites (SSRs and STRs)


  • Service: We determine the lengths of specified SSRs (simple sequence repeats) such as polyT or poly(CA) sequences within individual genomic DNA samples provided by the customer. We deliver a report of allele lengths of the various SSRs of interest.
  • Process: We use proprietary length polymorphism assays to create fluorescent products that can be analyzed using the ABI 3730xl platform.
  • Standardized assays: We currently have two validated assays for the 35-bp polyT sequence at chr19:45,403,049-45,403,083 (hg19), which is the site of the variant named rs10524523. We perform both assays for this target and we report the consensus average genotype calls.


Prices for genotyping of SSRs (simple sequence repeats)

Custom SSR genotyping per sample, per assay $12  
Genotyping of rs10524523 per sample $16  
(for two assays)   
Minimum:24 samples   


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